Legal fees in Germany

Legal fees are stated by law in Germany (the so called RVG, Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). To determine a specific fee there are two variables to be considered: The actions taken by the lawyer (his services) and the value of the case or the matter.

The higher the value of the case, the higher is the fee? This is correct, but not in the sense of a fixed fee percentage of the value. The higher the value, the lower is the fee percentage. This is correct in most cases. It is not easy, to predict the exact fees and costs stated by the RVG at the beginning of a case, because of the dependency of the detailed progress. 

Besides billing the fee on basis of the RVG (law), an alternative could be billing on time basis, i.e. per hour. This needs a prior agreement between lawyer and client. Last but not least, a lump sum can be agreed.

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RA Savelsberg